Bienvenue au site de l'Association "Tu-MRS"

This conference cycle is, to some extent, a follow up of an international summer school that we organized several years ago and which was granted by NATO under the idea of “Mediterranean dialogue”. The success of this meeting encouraged us to extend the idea to a larger scale i.e. to have a Euro-Mediterranean conference named:

“EMM-FM: Euro-Mediterranean Meeting on Functionalized Materials”

Functionalized materials are useful materials issued from new technologies but not only. Their elaboration necessitates multidisciplinary approaches going from different aspects of experimental and theoretical physics, chemistry and biology leading to the elaboration of new concepts and their implementation with important impact in other sciences such as, medecine, new energies, ecology, sustainability…. Besides, EMM-FM conference name contains the word “meeting” to underline the fact that it is much more than a simple conference. It is a place where all willingness European and Mediterranean scientists of all ages, with an extension to the whole world, can meet and exchange in a friendship atmosphere, not only on science but also on any other subject.