International Conference on Innovative Materials and Techniques. November 12/15, 2012

In order to give an opportunity to our guests for an unforgettable holiday together with the best scientific event to be held inTunisia, The organizing committee is working on a quite special, rich and interesting social program for the icimt 2012 participants as well as for the accompanying persons.


1/Visit of the City of Nabeul


Nabeul is a small city of just about 60,000 people and is a place that many visitors will find themselves during a visit toTunisia. Nabeul is a nice town for a half day trip; it offers a nice place in which we can relax.

Nabeul is also the main administrative centre of the governorate of Nabeul and area that includes a large piece of the Cap Bon region and the Major tourist area of Hammamet, which is increasingly becoming more famous than Nabeul itself.



2/Visit of the Kerkuane and El Houaria


Kerkuane is believed to be the best preserved Punic town in Mediterranean area. We will walk trough the ruins and learn its history.


El-Houaria is known by the so called “RomainCaves”. These “RomainCaves” have been designated a national monument by the Tunisian government and date back to the 6th century BC. They are to be found west of El-Haouaria on the Cap Bon Tunisian Peninsula.

3/ Other visits

Other visits will be scheduled during the conference and specially the visit of Tunis City, Carthage and Sidi Bou-Said