The main thematic topics are classified as follows:

A/ Material science

B/ Nano-materials and molecules for physical and chemical applications

C/ Nanostructures for electronics & photonics

D/ Spintronics & spin transport

E/ Magnetism, nano-magnetism, surface and interface phenomena

F/ Superconductivity

G/ Semiconductors and electronics

H/ Dielectrics and multiferroics

I/ Composites, nano-composites, polymers, multi-scale materials

J/ Carrier transport and optical properties

K / Energy storage and generation, new energies

L /Advanced magnetic materials and applications

M/ Biophysics and biosensors

N/ Scientific numerical simulations and their applications

O/ Theory

P/ Other emerging areas


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  • Labortoire de Physique des Materiaux
  • Ecolde Doctorale de la Faculte des Sciences de Sfax
  • Institut francaise de cooperation tunisie
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