This conference cycle is, to some extent, a follow up of an international summer school that we organized several years ago and which was granted by NATO under the idea of “Mediterranean dialogue”. The success of this meeting encouraged us to extend the idea to a larger scale i.e. to have a Euro-Mediterranean conference named:

“EMM-FM: Euro-Mediterranean Meeting on Functionalized Materials”

Functionalized materials are useful materials issued from new technologies but not only. Their elaboration necessitates multidisciplinary approaches going from different aspects of experimental and theoretical physics, chemistry and biology leading to the elaboration of new concepts and their implementation with important impact in other sciences such as, medecine, new energies, ecology, sustainability…. Besides, EMM-FM conference name contains the word “meeting” to underline the fact that it is much more than a simple conference. It is a place where all willingness European and Mediterranean scientists of all ages, with an extension to the whole world, can meet and exchange in a friendship atmosphere, not only on science but also on any other subject.

It is, in part, for these reasons that the scientific conference part is preceded by a 2 days school for young scientists and followed by a 3 days bus visit of most beautiful and historical places of the country.

 The EMM-FM chairs

Bernard Barbara
Director of Research at CNRS,
Néel institute Grenoble
Abdelwaheb Cheikhrouhou
Head of Materials Physics laboratory
Professor at the University of Sfax



After our first, and very successful Euro-Mediterranean Meeting on Functionalized Materials EMM-FM/2011 which was held September 2011 in Sousse (Tunisia) and after discussion with several potential invited speakers and participants, we have the great pleasure to announce the:

Second Euro-Mediterranean Meeting on Functionalized Materials


to be held in the famous seaside resort of  Hammamet (Tunisia) on March 24-28, 2013 with a 2-day workshop for students and young researchers (March 23-24, 2013) and a 3-day post-conference tour (March 28-30, 2013).

This period is chosen for its ideal climate conditions with booming spring and good hotel prices. We would be very pleased to welcome you in the beautiful city of Hammamet to explore a plethora of information on current multidisciplinary subjects of research in close proximity to your own subjects. Networking with fellow academic and industrial researchers will surely favor broadening of research spectrum in the direction of your choice (more basic, systematic, innovative, etc..), create new collaborations and find excellent students.

As for EMM-FM/2011 the service and venue will be “5 stars” quality (international rating) with ultra all inclusive service. In addition to the high scientific level of the meeting, we also like to give an opportunity to our guests for unforgettable holidays together with the best scientific event.

EMM-FM 2013 will highlight advances in all major disciplines related to functionalized materials

The main thematic topics, classified as follows, are not exhaustive:

A/ Material science

B/ Nano-materials and molecules for physical and chemical applications

C/ Nanostructures for electronics & photonics

D/ Spintronics & spin transport

E/ Magnetism, nano-magnetism, surface and interface phenomena

F/ Superconductivity

G/ Semiconductors and electronics

H/ Dielectrics and multiferroics

I/ Composites, nano-composites, polymers, multi-scale materials

J/ Carrier transport and optical properties

K/ Energy storage and generation, new energies

L /Advanced magnetic materials and applications

M/ Biophysics and biosensors

N/ Scientific numerical simulations and their applications

O/ Theory

P/ Other emerging areas


There will be a number of special sessions within the scope of the conference organized by distinguished participants.

For more details and to register, please visit the conference web site at:


Important dates are as follows:

*Abstract submission: September 15, 2012

*Abstract submission deadline: January 18, 2013

*Abstract acceptance: January 15, 2013

*Online registration: January 15, 2013

* Early registration and early payment: February 22, 2013

* Manuscript submission deadline: March 25, 2013

* Workshop for young physicists: March 22-24, 2013

* On site registration: March 24, 2013 afternoon

* Conference Dates: March 25-28, 2013

* Post Conference tour (visit of the south of Tunisia): March 29-31, 2013

* Return to Carthageairport possible on Sunday March 31 mid-day

Abstracts for consideration as oral and poster presentations can be submitted online at the conference web site:,

Exhibitions will take place in the hall of the hotel of the conference and some talks will be given by the managers of these companies to present their innovative equipments.

The program will feature invited presentations by internationally recognized scientists. Contributed oral and poster presentations will complete the program.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you at the famous city of Hammamet, located on the eastern coast of Tunisia, with your active participation and where you will certainly get a real treat in terms of science, culture and social aspects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be accompanied by your family to this wonderful place of Tunisia. Please circulate this information to your colleagues and to appropriate groups that might be interested in EMM-FM 2013.

We wish you a good stay in Hammamet and full success to our scientific meeting.

Yours Faithfully

Prof. Abdelwaheb CHEIKHROUHOU and Bernard BARBARA,

EMM-FM 2013 Chairpersons


  • tu mrs
  • Labortoire de Physique des Materiaux
  • Ecolde Doctorale de la Faculte des Sciences de Sfax
  • Institut francaise de cooperation tunisie
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