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Session Poster I

de CA1-01 à CA1-148

CA1-01 H. Abbassa: Electronic properties and half metallic behaviour in Co2XSn full-heusler compounds
CA1-02 S. Abdelhadi: Structural and electronic properties of Zn1-xMgxSe
CA1-03 M. Abdessemed: Conception d’un patin stratifie en materiaux viscoelastique
CA1-04 N. Abdi: Electronic and optical properties under pressure effect of ZnO binary compound
CA1-05 A. Houssem Eddine: Crystal structure and vibrational study of
N-(3-ammoniumpropyl )-1,3 diammoniumpropane hexabromoantimonate monohydrate: [C6H20N3]SbBr6 H2O
CA1-06 O. Aissaoui: Charactirization of flash evaporated cugase2 thin films used for photovoltaic conversion
CA1-07 A. Aksas: Preparation et characterisation des aerogels monolithiques de ZnO: Ag / SiO2 obtenus par sol-gel
CA1-08 M.Ali Rachedi: Comparative study of synthesis of nanocristalline nial by mashs and M2AP
CA1-09 H. Ali-Boucetta: Numerical simulation of atomic distribution properties in nanostructures
CA1-10 M. Announ: Modelisation et validation par rna d’ecoulement du NaCl dans le liege traite a HT
CA1-11 O. Assala: Friction and wear behavior of Ti-6Al-7Nb biomaterial alloy
CA1-12 M. Atoui: Effects of thickness and heat treatment on the structural, morphological and optical properties of TiO2thin films deposited by sol-gel route
CA1-13 M.Baazaoui: Critical behavior of La0.67Ba0.33Mn0.95Fe0.05O3 manganite
CA1-14 S. Babay: Synthesis, structural and spectroscopic characterizations of maghemite γ-Fe2O3 prepared by one-step coprecipitation route
CA1-15 A.Bahnes: Electronic and magnetic properties of newheusler alloy Co2TiAl:
A first-principle study
CA1-16 Z .Bahnes: Elimenation du colorant orange g par des charbons actifs issu de noyaux de jujube (zizyphus jujube)
CA1-17 H. Baltache: Structural and electronic properties of Cd0.75V0.25S alloy
CA1-18 A. Barhoumi: Optical properties of al-doped ZnO thin films prepared by direct current sputtering
CA1-19 A. Bechiri: Optical and phonon properties of GaxIn1-xAsyP1-y quaternary system
CA1-20 H. Bedboudi: Nanoscale cell parameters of the tetragonal -CUAL2 phase
CA1-21 N. Belhamra: Realization and characterization of TiN coating and metal working application
CA1-22 R. Belouadah: magnetoelectric effect with polyvinylidene fluoride  phase
CA1-23 M. Beltaif: Electrical and optical properties of Li2BaP2O7 doped europuim
CA1-24 A. Ben Ahmed: Synthesis, Characterization and Optical Properties of New organic-inorganiC hybrid material
CA1-25 S. Ben Aissa: Elaboration et caractérisation physico-chimique du composé hydrurable Mg2-xAlxNi pour application dans le domaine du stockage réversible de l’hydrogène.
CA1-26 N. Ben Amar: Spectra energy levels and symmetry assignments of TB3+doped in YAl3(BO3)4 single crystal
CA1-27 M. Ben Amor: Structural and optical studies on mg-doped nio thin films for sensitivity applications
CA1-28 A. L. Ben Hafsia: Conductivity and dielectric study of LaBaFe0.5Ti0.5MnO5+ compounds
CA1-29 B.Ben Hamada: Photoemission study of Copper phthalocyanine growth on Hydrogen-terminated surface: Si(100)2×1-H and Si(100)1×1-H
CA1-30 C. Ben Hassen: Experimental study on the structure and vibrational, thermal and dielectric properties of [2-CH3C6H4NH3]2SEO4 accomplished with dft calculation
CA1-31 W. Ben Mbarek: X-ray study of studies of mechanically alloyed Ni60Fe40 powder mixtures
CA1-32 S. Ben Slama: Morphological and micro structural study of thin films crystallizes
CA1-33 H. Ben Slimane: Simulation of graded gap GaAs/ AlGaAs heterojunction solar cell by AMPS-1D
CA1-34 O. Benamara: AB initio calculation of magnetic proprieties of hexagonal BaTi0.95TM0.05O3-δ; TM = [Fe, Cr, Co]
CA1-35 S.Benlamari: First principles study of structural, elastic and electronic properties of ternary hydride SrPdH3
CA1-36 F. Benmakhlouf: The oxygen effect on the energy band gaps and the electronic charge density of the ZnOxSe1-x alloy
CA1-37 A. Bentouaf: Electronic, magnetic, elastic and thermal properties of full Heusler Co2ZrSn: Ab-initio study
CA1-38 A. Benzair: Etude du comportement thermique des nanotubes en carbone par le modele nonlocal de timoshenko
CA1-39 A. Boudiar: On the Kondo effect in unconventional superconductor
CA1-40 S. Boufas:Synthese, etude structurale et electrochimique d’un nouveau zwitterionic
CA1-41 R. Boukhalfa: Effect of thickness buffer layers on the magnetic properties of fe/ag thin films deposited on SI (100)/SIO2 polycristalline substrates
CA1-42 W.Boukhili:investigation of the influence channel length on electrical performances of organic thin-film transistors based -conjugated small molecule tetraphenyldibenzoperiflanthene and analytical modeling
CA1-43 M.Boumedjout: Elaboration des materiaux à proprietes physiques variées basés sur un nouveau derivé de tetrathiafulvalene
CA1-44 S .Bousnina: Investigation photo-thermique des propriétés thermiques et optiques des multicouches semi-conductrices
CA1-45 T. Chabi: Structural and microstrutural characterization of nanostructures Fe82-Nb8-B10 powder mixtures
CA1-46 S. Chabour: Etude structurale et thermocinétique d’un alliage ferreux alliés.
CA1-47 N. Chafai: Synthesis, spectroscopic analysis and theoretical study of a new analogue of a biomaterial
CA1-48 M. Chaieb: Electronic properties of 1Σ+ states of narb molecule
CA1-49 S. Chefi: Electrical properties and ageing of the oxyapatite
CA1-50 S. Chettouh: Numerical analysis of sampled bragg grating for multichannel comb filters multiplexing
CA1-51 S. Chihaoui: Structural, morphological and infrared microscopic characterization of polycrystalline GdFeO3
CA1-52 A. Chouket:The synthesis, structural characterization, electrical and magnetic properties of PrSrNi0.8Mn0.2O4-δ
CA1-53 A.Ben Aicha: Fabrication and optical properties of silicon nanowires by metal-assisted chemical etching: effect of H2O2 concentration and etching time
CA1-54 K. Daideche: Electochemical preparation of tin oxyde thin film for solar cells application
CA1-55 R. Daik: Improvements to the solar cell efficiency with effective phosphorus gettering extracted from tunisian phosphate rock
CA1-56 T. Dammak: Elaboration, vibrational and photoluminescence studies on a new self-organized quantum well crystal (C4H16N3)CuCl5

CA1-57 R. Dardouri: Dynamic study of the RbLi molecule: adiabatic corrections and radiative lifetimes of the 1Σ+ states
CA1-58 A. Dilmi:Synthèse d’hydrogels a base de chitosane et de (2- hydroxyethyle) methacrylate pour la liberation d’un agent anti-inflammatoire (ibuprofen)
CA1-59 M. Doui-aici: Supraconductivité à haute température : un nouvel ordre magnétique aux origines du phénomène ?tee
CA1-60 H. Douib:Elaboration, caractérisation des nouveaux matériaux à base d’un nouveau donneur-π issus de la famille tétrathiafulvalène (TTF)
CA1-61 M. Elghali: Etude des proprietes d’absorption de l’hydrogene de l’electrode negative d’un accumulateur ni-mh, formee du compose intermetallique de type AB3 : LaZr2Mn4Ni5
CA1-62 F. Elhamra: Structural, electronic, optical and elastic properties of ZnO under pressure
CA1-63 S. Elleuch: Spectroscopic and theoretical studies of the structural, vibrational and optical properties of hybrid material
CA1-64 A. Ezaami: Structural, magnetic, and magnetocaloric properties of La0.7Ca0.2Sr0.1MnO3
CA1-65 F. Faid: contribution à l’étude de la strecture électronique et magnetique d’Heusler inverse V2CoAl pour l’electronique de spin par les methodes du premier principe
CA1-66 M. Farjallah: Theoretical Study of The Low-Lying 1Σ+ Electronic States Of
The Alkaline Earth BeRb+ Ion
CA1-67 A. Fassatoui: Annealing temperature effects on the buffer layer morphology,
on the static and dynamic magnetic properties of evaporated Pd/Co/Pd thin films
CA1-68 A.Fattoum: Conductivity and dielectric relaxation in proton conducting electrolyte films made with crosslinked polyvinyl alcohol
CA1-69 R. Felhi: Structural and magnetic properties of MFe2O4 (M=Co, Ni and Cu) spinel ferrites
CA1-70 A. Ferdi: Synthesis and electrical properties of CuGaSe2 single crystals
CA1-71 H. Fki: Effect of Bismuth excess on structural and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 Multiferroics
CA1-72 S.Ghemid: Theoretical study of structural and electronic properties of In1-xBxAsyP1-y quaternary alloys
CA1-73 M.Ghoul:Electrochemical fabrication of ZnO–ZnSe core–shell nanowires for efficient photo electrochemical
CA1-74 M. Ghrib: Growth of nanoporous silicon dioxide thin films by PECVD using porous alumina substrates
CA1-75 F. Hadef: Potential impacts of nanotechnology on electronic and electrical applications
CA1-76 Z. Hadjoub: étude de l’influence de la fréquence, la température et la polarisation sur la conductance de sortie d’un mesfet
CA1-77 A. Hafdallah:Structural, optical and electrical studies on ultrasonic spray deposited Al doped ZnO thin films
CA1-78 H. Hamani:Electrochimical study of a 1-(4-methylphenyl imino) -1 (phenylhydrazono) – propan-2-one as an environment-friendly corrosion inhibitor for mild steel.
CA1-79 R. Hamdi:AB-initio investigation of the electronic properties of Sr+Ar ion
CA1-80 H. Hamdouni: One-way light transmission in compact soi structures
CA1-81 S. Hcini: Structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of Zn0.6-xNixCu0.4Fe2O4 ferrite nanoparticles prepared by pechini sol-gel method
CA1-82 A. Hemmani: Analysis of n-GaAs/p-GaAS/P+-GaAS BSF layer 0F a solar cell
CA1-83 H. Houassine: Prediction et determination experimentale des pertes dans un materiau ferromagnetiques sollicité par une excitation non sinusoïdale
CA1-84 A. Jmayai:Comparative study of the middle eocene clay and those of Paleocene operated by the cement industry
CA1-85 I. Kaabi: Synthese, caractérisations physicochimiques, electrochimiques et applications biologique d’un nouveau ligand base de schiff le bis- 4,4’ (2,4 dihydroxybenzaldehyde) diimine diphenylether et ses complexes metalliques
CA1-86 M. Kahlaoui: Influence of the sintering temperature on electrical property of the Ce0.8Sm0.17La0.03O1.9 electrolyte
CA1-87 S. Kamoun:Electrical Properties and Conductivity Mechanism of LiCuFe2(VO4)3
CA1-88 O. Kamoun:Structural and optical studies on Co-Eucodoped ZnO thin films
CA1-89 H. Khachai: First principal study of the mechanical and, thermal properties of the fluoro-perovskite
CA1-90 A. Khadraoui: Structural and electronic properties of FeTi and its hydride FeTiH
CA1-91 N. Kharrat: Structural and morphological properties of polycrystalline La0.4Ca0.6MnO3
CA1-92 R. Khenata: Full potential study of the structural, elastic, electronic and thermodynamic properties of fluoro-peroveskite NaMgF3 and NaZnF3
CA1-93 S. Khodja:Sol–gel synthesis and characterizations of ZnO nano-structured thin films: effects of stabilizer molar ratio
CA1-94 M. Krichen: Effect of the front surface field a-Si:H on the photovoltaic parameters of thin silicon solar cells
CA1-95 A. Madani:Electrosynthese et caracterisation des nanofils de polypyrrole a empreinte des molecules biologiques
CA1-96 T. Mahdaoui:Study of physical properties of SnO2:f thin films deposited on glass part 2: effect of concentration
CA1-97 M. Mansouri: Structural, Magnetic and Magnetocaloric studies of La0.5Ca0.5Mn1-xVxO3 (x=0.05; x=0.1)
CA1-98 A. Mars:Study of FeS2 on structural, electrical and optical properties of sprayed pyrite semiconductor layers
CA1-99 S. Marzougui:Etude des états excites et la force d’oscillateur dans les boites quantiques cylindriques aplaties de CD1-XZNXS
CA1-100 N. Mahiouz: Influence du zinc et de cuivre sur le processus de frittage du nickel
CA1-101 M. Mehri: Evaluation de l’activite antioxydante d’un nouveau derive acide α-aminophosphonique
CA1-102 N. Menni:Elaboration of Fe-Ni alloys by evaporation by joule effect (PVD)
CA1-103 S. Menzli: Photoemission study of Copper phthalocyanine adsorption on
Si(111)-√3×√3-R30° Ag surface
CA1-104 H. Meradji: Structural, elctronic, and thermodynamic properties of Cd1−xBexSe ternary alloys
CA1-105 N. Merakeb:Structure and some mechanical properties of Fe-Cr-Ni-Mn nanofilms elaborated by the vacuum thermal evaporation technique
CA1-106 I. Messaoui: Microstructural, morphologic and magnetic properties of nanostructured Fe92.4 Si3.1 B4.5 prepared by ball-milling
CA1-107 N. Mhadhbi:crystal structure, vibrational studies, optical properties and DFT calculations of a new Bis (2,6-diaminopyridinium) tetrabromidocobaltate (II) monohydrate
CA1-108 A. Mhamdi:Study of copper doping effects on structural, optical and electrical properties of sprayed ZnO thin films
CA1-109 A. Mleiki: Effect of praseodymium doping on the structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of Sm0.55Sr0.45MnO3 manganites
CA1-110 T. Nardjes Mouas: Synthesis, characterization and coordination chimestry of new ferrocenyl P,S ligands
CA1-111 S.Moufok: Influence of exchange and correlation on physical properties of TeO2
CA1-112 M. Moumene: Structural and physical properties in Ag-doped manganites La0.75Ca0.25-xAgxMnO3 (x=0.05; 0.1; 0.15 and 0.2)
CA1-113 S. Nasri: Electrical conduction and dielectric properties of a newly synthesized single phase: Ag0.4Na0.6FeP2O7
CA1-114 O. Nemiri: Structural, electronic and optical properties of InAsxP1−xternary alloys
CA1-115 F. Okbi: Ab initio study of phonon properties of Aluminium Phosphide
CA1-116 H. Omrani: Structural, Magnetic and Magnetocaloric properties in Pr0.5Sr0.4Ba0.1MnO3 manganite oxide prepared by the ball milling method
CA1-117 N. Ouled Nasser: Structure and magnetic order in SrFe1-xCoxO3 (0.3≤x≤0.5)
CA1-118 F. Oumelaz: Etude des propriétés structurales et optiques des composés AlP, AlSb, GaP, GaSb par la méthode des ondes planes augmentées et linéarisées (FP-LAPW)
CA1-119 I. Raheb: structural evolution of cold compacted Al-Co alloy system
CA1-120 R. Rahmani: Structural, Elastic and Electronic Properties of the Cubic Perovskites Compounds AXO3 ( A= Ba, Sr; X= Ti, Nb, Zr) via First-Principles Calculations
CA1-121 N. Rebbani: Elimination chromium(VI) ions from an aqueous solution using the natural kaolin of tamazert (East-ALGERIA)
CA1-122 W. Rezaïki: Electrical characterization of CuInS2 crystals and polycrystalline thin films obtained by coevaporation technique
CA1-123 F.I.H. Rhouma: Electrical transport properties of paraseodyme and tin doped La0.57Ba0.33MnO3 solid solution
CA1-124 K. Riahi: Structural and morphological properties of polycrystalline La0.78Dy0.02Ca0.2MnO3
CA1-125 R. Riahi:Influence of thermal annealing on the structural and optical properties of L-Cysteine capped CdSe nanoparticles
CA1-126 A. Rouabhia: Structural, electronic and optical properties of ZnTe1-xOx ternary alloys
CA1-127 H. Saghrouni: Frequency and temperature dependence of negative capacitance in (Co/Au)/Dy2O3/GaAs structure
CA1-128 S. Sammar: Structural and electronic properties of ZnO
CA1-129 Y. Selmani: Les potentialites en carbonates de calcium dans le sud tunisien (cas de jebel toual, Kebili): utilisations dans l’industrie pharmaceutique, cosmetique et agroalimentaire
CA1-130 I. Sfifir: Effect of calcium-deficiency on the structural, magnetic, and magnetocaloric properties of La0.6Ca0.2-xxBa0.2MnO3 (0.00
CA1-131 C. Sifi: The ab-initio calculations of opto-électronics properties on PbTe, CaTe and their ternary Alloys.
CA1-132 D. Sioud: Review of solar cooling methods and applications: solar collectors and thermal storage
CA1-133 M. Slama: Many-body effects on structures and stabilities of Na+Xen clusters
CA1-134 M. Slimani: The calculations of structural, electronic and thermodynamic properties of Ca1-XSrXO semi-conducting ternary alloys
CA1-135 A. Smida:Morphological and optical proprieties of cdse layers deposited on porous P+ GAAS
CA1-136 A. Soualhi: La methode des KNN pour choisier un biomateriaux dedie a l’implantologie
CA1-137 M.A. Tag: Simplification of High Temperature Expansion for a Chain Model
CA1-138 W. Tahar Belarbi: Problematic question of phase transitions of GaSb, AlSb and AlGaSb under pressure
CA1-139 B. Touati: Effect of Zn doping on the Optical properties of PbS thin films deposited by chemical bath deposition
CA1-140 M. Trabelsi:Impact stress on noise characteristics in SON MOSFETs using RTN
noise model
CA1-141 W. Turki: Acute toxicity of zno nanoparticles and ZnCl2 solution in rats
CA1-142 A. Turki: X-ray determination of twin and staking fault densities in deformed copper and CuZn6 brass: effect of stacking fault energy
CA1-143 H. Yahi: Electronic and magnetic properties of Co-doped ZnO byAB-initio calculations
CA1-144 A. Yakoubi: Intermetallic ternary compounds ThCr2Si2-type structure: A first-principles study of structural, electronic, elastic and thermal properties.
CA1-145 W. Zaghdoudi: Elaboration and Characterization of a novel organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite quantum wells embedded in porous anodic alumina
CA1-146 B. Zaidi: Simulink based modeling of monocrystalline silicon solar cells
CA1-147 A. Zaier:Structural, electrical and optical properties of copper doped ZnO thin films prepared by thermal evaporation technique
CA1-148 L. Zighed: caracterisation morphologique et optimisation des films de silicium poreux pour application photovoltaïque