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Topics : MSM 13

MSM 13

Eighth International Conference on Magnetism and Superconducting Materials. September 06-08, 2013

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Eighth International Conference on Magnetic ...


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The main thematic topics, classified as follows, are not exhaustive:

A/ Superconductivity
A1/ Boron Related Superconductivity
A2/ Bulk Superconductivity
A3/ Carbon Related Superconductivity
A4/ Heavy Fermion Superconductors
A5/ High Tc Cuprates
A6/ Large Scale Applications of Superconductors
A7/ Magnetic Superconductors
A8/ New Superconductors
A9/ Organic Superconductors
A10/ Other Exotic Superconductors
A11/ Oxide and Non Oxide Superconductors
A12/ Power Applications of Superconductors
A13/ Superconductivity and Magnetism at Nanoscale
A14/ Superconductivity and Magnetism in Perovskite Oxides
A15/ Superconducting Devices, Circuits and Computing
A16/ Superconductor – Ferromagnet Hybrids
A17/ Superconductor – Insulator transition
A18/ Superconductivity Theory
A19/ Superconducting Thin Films
A20/ Vortex Behaviors

B/ Magnetism, nano-magnetism, surface and interface phenomena
B1/ Biomagnetism and Medical Applications
B2/ Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
B3/ Ferrites
B4/ Functional Magnetic Materials and Applications
B5/ Hard Magnetic Materials
B6/ Intermetallic Compounds
B7/ Low Dimensional Magnetism
B8/ Magnetic Imaging and Microscopy (e.g. MOKE, SNOM, MFM etc.)
B9/ Magnetic Nanoparticles and Nanostructures
B10/ Magnetism of Molecules, Nanoparticles and Nanostructures
B11/ Magnetic Oxides
B12/ Magnetic Soft Matter
B13/ Multiferroics
B14/ Nanostructures for Electronics & Photonics
B15/ Spintronics & Spin Transport
B16/ Theoretical Magnetism

There will be a number of special sessions within the scope of the conference organized by distinguished participants.

  • tu mrs
  • Labortoire de Physique des Materiaux
  • Ecolde Doctorale de la Faculte des Sciences de Sfax
  • Institut francaise de cooperation tunisie
  • cnrs