गणेश जी की कहानी – Story Of Lord Ganesh Ji [2022]

Story of Ganesh ji Ganesh ji ki katha kahani

It is heard in all types of fasts.

On observing any fast, apart from the story of that fast,

The story of Ganesh ji is also heard elsewhere.

This gives the full fruit of the fast.

Along with the story of fasting, the story of Ganesh ji is definitely

Must listen

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गणेश जी की कहानी

Ganesh ji ki kahani

Once Ganesh ji went out for a walk in the city disguised as a boy.

He took a pinch of rice and a full of milk with him.

While roaming in the city, whatever he got, he was urging him to make kheer.

People would laugh after hearing – “Bana de Mai Kheer”.

Went around for a long time, but no one was ready to make kheer.

Somebody also explained that kheer cannot be made from so many ingredients.

But Ganesh ji had to make Kheer.

Finally a poor old mother told him

Son, come with me, I will feed you by making kheer.

Ganesh ji went with him.

Old Amma took rice and milk from them and allowed them to boil in a pot.

There was such a boom in the milk that the vessel started getting smaller.

Old Amma was very surprised and could not understand anything.

Amma kept the biggest pot in the house.

That too was full. The cake was increasing.

Its fragrance was spreading everywhere.

Because of the sweet sweet aroma of kheer

Amma’s daughter-in-law got water in her mouth

He started having a strong desire to eat kheer.

She took out kheer in a bowl and said sitting behind the door –

“Let Ganesh you eat too, I should eat too”
And ate kheer.

Old Amma called out to Ganesha sitting outside.

Son your kheer is ready. Come and eat

Ganesh ji said –

“Amma, your daughter-in-law has served me, my stomach is full”

You feed the kheer to the villagers.

Old Amma went to invite the villagers. Everyone was laughing.

Amma has nothing to eat for herself.

I don’t know how to feed the village.

But still everyone came.

Old Amma fed everyone a full stomach of kheer.

He had never eaten such delicious kheer till date.

Everyone ate kheer satisfied but still the kheer was not over.

The stock remained full.

Oh Lord Ganesha, like the bowl of Kheer was full

Similarly, keep the stock of our house always full.

Say ganesh ji maharaj ki…… Jai !!!

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