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Today, from children to elders and old people, everyone is definitely suffering from some disease and in such a situation, the epidemic of coronavirus has spread more panic in the minds of people. It is slowly taking a formidable form in our country and in today’s date, almost a large number of people are falling prey to it every day. In such a situation, almost every person is keeping small medical devices in their homes to take care of their health. In today’s article, we are going to give information to all of you about such a device which has become the most useful device these days. That is a pulse oximeter. Here we are providing detailed information on what it is and how to use it.

what is the pulse oximeter?

Just as there are thermometers, blood pressure machines, and other general health-related equipment, so is the oximeter also a medical device. Which is used to check the level of oxygen present in the blood. Its use shows the amount of oxygen in the human body. Let us tell you that the test we do through this device is called pulse oximetry.

Pulse Oximeter Type? Ocxo Meter

Talking about pulse oximeters, there are mainly 4 types. They all work in the same technique but they are used in different ways and that is why these four are also named differently. Let us now try to understand in more detail all these four types of pulse oximeters in this article.

Table Top / Bedside Pulse Oximeter

This type of Ocxo Meter is used by placing it on the table. Most of this type of oximeter is used in hospitals. This allows for continuous long-term monitoring of oxygen and the heart and has an alarm that sounds when the level of oxygen and heartbeat deteriorates. This type of oximeter is used as per the doctor’s advice.

fingertip oximeter

This type of pulse oximeter is clipped on the patient’s finger. Its size is very small and it can be carried anywhere very easily. For its use, a battery cell is installed in it and when the battery runs out, the battery can be put back in it and can be used again. You can easily use it anywhere according to your need and through this pulse oximeter, you can easily monitor the oxygen level and heartbeat in your body. It cannot be used for a long time for monitoring oxygen and heartbeat in the body, it can be used only when needed.

Pulse Oximeter Watch

As the name suggests, this type of pulse oximeter is like a watch and you can tie it on the wrist of your hand. You can use this market Ocxo Meter to track the oxygen level and heartbeat in the body for a long time. In this, you see the oxygen level in percentage, as well as the complete information about your heartbeat, is continuously tracked in it. It also has an alarm, which works to notify you when there is a change in the oxygen level and heartbeat in the body.

Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter

This type of oximeter is used by holding it in the hands. A tube comes out in it and you can tie it on your wrist or finger. This oximeter also works in the same way as other pulse oximeters work. Its shape is similar to the size of mobile and inside it, you can see the readings of oxygen and heartbeat. This type of oximeter is mostly used by people personally in their home and it is very easy to use it and take it anywhere as per requirement.

work of pulse oximeter?

Now the question must be arising in your mind that after all, what kind of work does the Ocxo Meter do, then friends, let us tell you that any oximeter works on the technology of the process of absorption of light. The hemoglobin available in the human body performs the function of carrying oxygen throughout the body. When the level of oxygen in the body is low, hemoglobin is not able to get it properly till the end and it keeps running in the body without oxygen. When we put a pulse oximeter on our hands or on our finger, light emerges from one side of it and that light reaches the other side of the finger and then the receiver in the device gets the reading of the remaining light. Through this process, it is known that how much light is left after being absorbed in the body. The hemoglobin available in the human body absorbs a certain amount of light along with oxygen, and if hemoglobin does not have the right amount of oxygen, it cannot absorb as much light as it needs. From this, it is known that how much oxygen is there in the body and what is the condition of the heartbeat.

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Pulse Oximeter

How to use Pulse Oximeter?

Friends, you do not need to do much to use the pulse oximeter, it can be used very easily. You can put any oximeter in your finger, earlobe, or toe. But most people use it by putting it in the finger of the hand. After applying it on the finger of the hand, leave it like this for 30 to 90 seconds without moving. After this time interval, it will start displaying its actual reading to you.

Ocxo Meter Precautions

Before using it, it is very important for us to be aware of some precautions related to it, and for this, we have given you important information in detail below.

  • When you want to monitor the oxygen level and heartbeat in the body through a pulse oximeter, during that time we do not have to move our hands after applying the oximeter and leave the body in a completely relaxed state.
  • Before applying it on the fingers of the hands, check that there is no nail polish or any other type of substance in the fingers of your hands.
  • Do not use it after doing any kind of heavy work otherwise, it will show you wrong readings.
  • Before using it, check that your hands are not too cold.
  • You can use it to check Oxygen level and Heartbeat regularly from time to time and if you want to monitor Oxygen level and Heartbeat continuously over a long period of time i.e. 8 hours or 24 hours, then it’s For this you may have to go to the hospital or you can also do it at home with the consultation of the doctor.

Who should use a pulse oximeter?

Oximeter should be used continuously by most patients with respiratory and heart disease. Apart from this, among all the common symptoms of the corona epidemic, the low oxygen level in the body and rapid increase in a heartbeat is a symptom. That is why today almost every family should use an oximeter to track the oxygen level and heartbeat of each member of the family. It can be used easily by any member of the family. If any type of oxygen level or heartbeat is seen on the oximeter, then contact the doctor immediately or take the patient to the doctor immediately.

How to View Pulse Oximeter Normal Range (Reading)

  • Each type of oximeter uses spo2 to indicate the oxygen level. A healthy person should have a value above 95% when tested on a pulse oximeter. The average range of an oximeter is between 95% to 100% in a healthy person.
  • If the oxygen level in your Ocxo Meter is telling between 95% to 90%, then you should get it checked by a specialist doctor near you.
  • If the oxygen level below 90% is showing in your oximeter, then it can be very harmful to you, in such a situation, you have to visit the doctor immediately and follow whatever the doctor advises you to do.
  • If we are using a Ocxo Meter for a person who already has any type of chronic lung disease or asthma and heart-related disease, then the range of normal oxygen level of patients is more than 95%. happens less. Before checking the oxygen level and heartbeat of such patients, make sure that what can be the normal range of normal oxygen for them, and for this, you have to consult a doctor.

Special things to keep in mind when buying a pulse oximeter

If you are thinking of taking any oximeter and you do not understand what important things you should buy it keeping in mind, then below we have given some points for your convenience and you understand those points, it will help you. It will be much easier to buy an oximeter.

  • Any Ocxo Meter is a health-related device and we should choose a certified health-related organization to buy it.
  • While buying it, keep in mind that through whichever medium you are buying the pulse oximeter, it should be delivered to you by the certified company and not any normal company.
  • If you want to bring a good oximeter to your home, then do not fall for cheap oximeters.
  • While buying a quality pulse oximeter, we must know about the company and the reviews given by its customers.
  • Absolutely refrain from buying any fake or false reading pulse oximeter, otherwise, it may play with your health.

Pulse Oximeter Price

Friends, now you must be thinking that what will be the cost of a good oximeter, then friends, it depends on the company you have chosen and the features and quality of the pulse oximeter. The starting price of an Ocxo Meter starts from Rs.600 and goes up to Rs. If you are looking for a good pulse oximeter, then you should keep your budget between 1500 to 2000 rupees. Using a pulse oximeter in this budget range gives consistent results and accurate results.

Ocxo Meter Correct Reading

The most important question is how accurate and accurate results any Ocxo Meter can give while checking the oxygen level and heartbeat in the body. This result appears in Plus. And friends, the error of plus 2 is found in such devices i.e. if any of your pulse oximeters is showing 96% result on reading, then you can guess the error of 2 counts forward and 2 counts backward. Overall, the average value of a pulse oximeter can be between 98% and 94%.

The important use of Ocxo Meter in coronavirus epidemic

As we all know very well, at the end of the year 2019, the coronavirus epidemic started spreading its foot slowly. To keep this epidemic under control, many big countries had imposed complete lockdown and even today the risk of this dreadful disease is not taking its name. Most of the deaths due to coronavirus are happening due to a lack of oxygen in the body. If in such a situation, we will know ahead of time when and how much is the amount of oxygen in the body and in how much time it is decreasing, then we can get an accurate and correct treatment of the patient in time and save him from this deadly disease. can. In today’s odd situation, a Ocxo Meter is acting as an important weapon to fight against coronavirus. Now the Delhi State Government and other State Governments have decided to distribute oximeters free of cost to the patients of Corona and it will gradually be distributed everywhere. Overall, the pulse oximeter is playing an important role in the corona period.

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